Frances Bean Cobain Loses Kurt’s ‘Unplugged’ Guitar In Divorce

Divorces can be a devastating, frustrating, emotionally and financially draining process, but imagine the weight when you’re the daughter of one of music’s biggest icons… and you lose one of his trademark instruments to your ex.
Closing up a divorce process that took 2 years, TMZ reports that Frances Bean Cobain’s ex Isaiah Silva wins ownership of Kurt’s infamous ‘MTV Unplugged’ Guitar (Read More)
Millions and millions of people have seen Kurt’s performance, whether live in MTV or on YouTube for years after with the 1959 Martin D-18E.
It’s said to be the last guitar he ever performed with before his death. Worth millions of dollars but infinitely more valuable to the Cobain family.

And in a separate lawsuit, Frances Bean and Courtney Love won a case to keep Kurt Cobain’s Death Photos forever sealed to the public (Read More)
A journalist, who court described as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ had been trying to get the photographs released since 2015.