WATCH: “Dave Grohl” Falls Off Stage In Gothenburg

I was worried about Dave Grohl.
After doing something cool every day for about 2 months straight, he hadn’t been in the news for a minute.
Good news for us, he’s back at it!
You may remember Dave famously broke his leg after falling off the stage in Gothenburg in 2015 (Read More)

As a result, we got to see him rock in that badass throne for the rest of the tour.
(And he was reportedly super high on pain meds when he designed it)

Returning to Gothenburg with a sense of humor – Dave hired a stunt double to head out on stage and take the fall this time. (Read More)

Nice prank, Dave. (Doesn’t seem like anybody fell for it, though.)
This Father’s Day, I want Dave to be my dad.