How To Spot A Narcissist – They Have This Striking Physical Feature in Common

The internet in general is going to make so much more sense after you read the next sentence – Narcissists tend to have darker, thicker, more distinctive eyebrows and like to make a statement with them.

According to a new study, you may be able to identify a narcissist by looking for one particular facial feature – their attention-getting, glorious eyebrows.

Researchers studied the faces of people from all across the narcissistic spectrum and results showed a specific trait Narcissists have in common, they tended to have darker, thicker, more distinctive eyebrows.

Researchers think this is the case because Narcissists might “seek to maintain distinct eyebrows to facilitate others’ ability to notice, recognize, and remember them; thereby increasing their likability and reinforcing their overly positive self-views,” according to Science Alert.

So there you go, if 30 daily selfies and an adoration of the mirror doesn’t give them away, the eyebrows will.