Travel + Leisure’s “Top 25 Best Places For BBQ” Has Some Shocking Results For KC

Instagram/Joe’s KC BBQ
Whether it be state to state, city to city or even neighbor to neighbor, the fierce debate over the best BBQ rages on. Travel + Leisure’s new “The 25 Best Places for Barbecue in the U.S.” 
The list was compiled by the fine people at the review App, Yelp, with a couple caveats. They based the list on an algorithm that takes both the number of reviews and star ratings into consideration to give you the top 25, but they excluded large chains and there are no more than two establishments from each state in order to ensure geographic diversity. Yeah, I feel like it’s biased against awesome BBQ cities like Kansas City but I guess that’s how you sell magazines. 
Either way, there was a shocker from the Kansas City area, it’s not all that surprising that Joe’s Kansas City BBQ landed on the list, coming in at No. 22. The shocker is that Joe’s was beat out by the newer Scott’s Kitchen and Catering at Hangar 29, which landed the No. 20 spot. On Yelp, it has a 5-star rating, with more than 100 reviews. By comparison, Joe’s has more than 2,800 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.