#TØPISBACK // Twenty One Pilots Return Seems Certain

All signs point to the Twenty One Pilots hiatus being all but finished – and their return is coming sooner rather than later.
Though nobody knows when, exactly… the trail of clues is way deeper than I’ve got time to dig into.

It all started with an email sent out to the TØP Mailing List on the morning of Friday, July 6th

Then it was the first post to their official twitter account in over a year.

Then the official websites, spotify, etc. got updated with the new logo…
Then billboards. Buildings. Signs. All around the world, from NYC to Brazil to Italy.

Spotted by reddtior u/richieljr in NYC

And on twitter, around 7am Tuesday, the eye continues to open.

Seems like it’s only a matter of time. Want to dig deeper? The fine people at r/twentyonepilots have put together a great mega-thread.