Electric Rentable Scooters Taking Over KC

There hasn’t been this much hype about scooters since we were murdering our ankles on Razor Scooters in the front yard.
But now, Bird Electric, Motorized, Rentable Scooters are available in a few spots around Kansas City (Read More)

You like convenience, but don’t want to put in the effort as those rent-able bikes?
You wanna ride around an electronic scooter and break at least 4 laws at any given time, because let’s be honest, you’re not gonna wear a helmet.
Have we got a scooter for you.

Download the app. Costs $1 to unlock it, then 15 centers per minute, you can be rolling through River Market at a breezy 15mph.

Sidenote: there’s also an opportunity to MAKE money if you sign up as a ‘charger’, go hunt down abandoned scooters, take them home to charge them and dump them somewhere else.

But no matter how much you pay or ride, you’ll never be this cool *rap horn*