Woman Arrested In Wichita County For Allegedly Mailing Meth To Prison

Sara Elizabeth Russell Wichita County Sheriff’s Office

I know you came fro the mugshot but while we are here… Sara Elizabeth Russell, 29, of Katy, Texas was arrested in Wichita County for allegedly attempting to smuggle meth to an Allred inmate.

It all went down with a mailroom employee noticed a bulge behind a photo on a handmade card. Behind the photo was a clear package with a white powdery substance that later tested positive for meth. Investigators say the package also included handwritten instructions to tape the outside edges shut and the initials “RTS” as the return information. The card ALSO had a label saying return to sender attempted, not known with a a different return address. This one of an eturn address of Jason Burkett, an inmate at Allred.

An investigator who interviewed Burkett says he admitted to making the card and mailing it to Russell, but denies requesting or mailing drugs.

The Department of Public Safety Crime Lab said fingerprints found on the package belonged to Russell and alleges Burkett mailed the card to Russell containing directions to put meth in the card and return it to him.


[h/t sacbee}