The Internet Is Asking For A Nirvana Reunion… With Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger On Vocals

Image: Elwedritsch via Wikipedia

I feel like this is Weezer’s fault.

Follow me on this… If Weezer would not have remade “Africa” after the viral Twitter campaign started by a fan asking them to do so, then we probably wouldn’t be in this mess. Alas, I still love Weezer, but I’m 💯 NOT behind this trainwreck of an idea.

“The Campaign Starts Here” reads a Facebook event page launched with the sole intent to go viral get Nirvana to reunite with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger on vocals. The event page lists January 1, 2019, as the big day.

At least a few people are getting behind it though, as of today the event has 1139 pledging to attend and over 3k are interested. Who knows, with Dave Grohl’s sense of humor, we may just get a weird treat at an upcoming Foo Fighters show.

In the meantime, enjoy the comments HERE, they really are the best part of this.