Collier Cash Rule(s) On Stage With Foo Fighters

1. You were at Sprint Center on Friday and saw it live
2. You’ve seen the video EVERYWHERE over the weekend
3. You don’t know what the internet is and can’t use YouTube.

Those are pretty much the 3 options, so you’ve most likely seen or heard of Collier Cash Rule, the 10 year old that hopped up on stage and DESTROYED Metallica ‘Enter Sandman’ with the help of Dave Grohl & The Foo Fighters. [Read More]

In the latest of ‘Dave Grohl brings _____ on Stage’, Collier has become a worldwide sensation and he deserves every moment of it.

“Collier’s mother said her son loves music and started playing guitar two years ago when he was given his first electric guitar. She said he practices every day before and after school.”

And Collier is just as awesome off the stage – he’s currently helping to raise money for his friend Bo who is suffering from a rare disease.
He wants to use this attention to spread the message!