Study // 50% Of New Guitar Players Are Young Women

Let’s have some real talk. Rock and Alternative music is a “Boys’ Club”
There have been and continue to be incredible female musicians that are able to break through and show us something new and amazing, but in no way is their journey an easy one – especially compared to their male colleagues/competition.  Female artists get pigeon-holed, pushed back, made out as a novelty and are often judged for appearance and attitude rather than talent, passion and skill.

Hopefully, that tide is starting to change, as a study by guitar maker Fender shows 50% Of New Guitar Players are Young Females [Read More]

As with XX1051 With Lauren O’Neil, every Sunday at 9pm, we celebrate the Women Of Alternative on X1051.
And for those young girls picking up a guitar and looking towards a bright future, they’ve got some great role models already lined up.
While we spend the rest of our lives (hopefully) in the music businees, we’re looking forward to seeing how they can shred.