RIP Chubby’s // Closing November 1st

It’s a Midtown icon.
You’ve almost certainly been there – even though you might not remember it after the night you had.
Chubby’s Diner set to close their doors at 6am on November 1st [Read More]

Oh, Chubby’s. I tried to live above you once but your agent never returned my calls.
(True story. I wanted that apartment bad.)
It wasn’t always the best food. But it was always there when your possibly-not-sober stomach needed it most.
And the cinnamon rolls were bangin’. We’ll miss you.

If you’re looking re-live the Chubby’s life one last time – better do it now. Gotta expect some LONG lines come 2am Halloween Night… 

The Kansas City Star reports that a ‘Crazy Crab & Seafood’ will open in the space in early 2019

[h/t The Pitch]