Mahomes Official Hunt’s Ketchup Spokesman

The world found out that Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback, Pro-Bowler, Future NFL MVP over Drew Brees and whoever else – Patrick Mahomes – likes to put ketchup on everything and went crazy.
Hunt’s Ketchup didn’t think it was so crazy.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is now the official spokesman/face of Hunt’s Ketchup (Read More)

See the official announcement video in the tweet below.
Previously, HEINZ Ketchup, sponsor of Heinz Field where the Steelers play, offered Mahomes ketchup for life if he tossed for 57 Touchdowns this season (Currently at 45) – but this seems like a double cross. Maybe it’s a punishment for aligning themselves with the Steelers.  Of course, the Chiefs and Kansas City have a long history of Hunts. Did the namesake factor into the decision? Either way, this is soap-opera-level ketchup drama.

Who else would you rather have passing you the ketchup? Welcome to the team, @PatrickMahomes5!

— Hunt’s Ketchup (@HuntsChef) December 19, 2018