18 Hours Of Radiohead ‘OK Computer’ Outtakes Leaked

For some diehard fans, there can never be such a thing as too much Radiohead.

Someone has leaked a treasure trove of unreleased Radiohead recordings taken from the sessions for their 1997 classic OK Computer.

Nearly 18 hours of material has surfaced online, including early versions, alternate takes, and live recordings. Many fans are most excited about a previously unreleased version of “Lift”, a song the band allegedly scrapped because they were afraid it would become a huge hit like “Creep”. Such a 90’s move!

In 2017 Radiohead released OKNOTOK, a 20th anniversary deluxe reissue of the landmark album. The set included finished versions of “Lift”, the amazing “I Promise” (below), and other cool rarities.

Stereogum has more info, and by no means encourages intrepid music fans to go torrenting to find this leaked material.

Are you the type of fan who loves digging into demos and outtakes?  What artists or bands do you want to hear *everything* they recorded?