Twenty One Pilots Are One Song Away From Music History

Skeleton Clique assemble! twenty one pilots can be the first artist ever to do something noteworthy but they need your help.

I’m reading today about “Chlorine” going gold, following “Jumpsuit” and “My Blood” as the third track from TRENCH to do so. Gold means sales and streams equivalent to 500,000 units certified by the Recording Inudstry Association of America (RIAA). Great. Cool. Congrats to them.

In the streaming era, gold records are much more common than they used to be. But either way, it means lots of people love the crap out of a song and that’s meaningful to any artist.

But here’s an interesting fact: no artist has ever had every song from two albums go gold.

Every song from Blurryface went gold.

Every song from their breakthrough album Vessel has gone gold except for “Truce”.

Inevitably, other artists will unlock this achievement as time passes. But if you want twenty one pilots to get there first, stream the living hell out of “Truce”. Or buy a digital download if you’re feeling 2005. Do it for Tyler and Josh.