Mark Hoppus Selling Blink-182 Gear For Charity

Blink-182 superfans with money to burn, here’s your chance to own some of the band’s history and help a great cause all at once!

Mark Hoppus is selling off a long list of old Blink-182 gear for charity. More than 80 items including guitars, basses, amps, pedals, and road cases are up for sale on Mark’s page. Proceeds from the sale will go towards The Trevor Project, a non-profit aimed at “suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth”.

As of this writing, the cheap stuff and most of his basses and guitars are gone. What remains include synthesizers and various studio gear. But you’ll get a certificate of authenticity so everyone you show off to will know – it actually came from Mark Hoppus! Check out his Reverb store here.

In other blink-182 news, they released another new song last week – you can stream “Happy Days” below. Still no definitive word on a title or release date for their next full-length album.

Oh I almost forgot… this is funny. At a gig a few weeks ago, hear how Mark dedicated the track “Aliens Exist”:

That cheeky bastard.