Did Lil Wayne Quit The Blink-182 Tour?

Weather may have kept fans away from blink-182 and Lil Wayne’s stop in Virginia, but Weezy took the reduced crowd size personally.

When blink-182 and Lil Wayne announced a co-headlining tour, many people wondered if it would work out. In truth, I thought it was a great idea. Blink’s Travis Barker, generally regarded as one of rock’s greatest drummers, started reaching new audiences in the mid-2000s with viral videos of himself drumming along with hip hop songs. And much of the Soundcloud rap world is built on a foundation of not just hip hop but also emo and pop-punk.

The tour seemed to be going alright up until last night in rainy Bristow, Virginia. XXL found this tweet containing video of Weezy addressing the crowd.

I mean this seems okay. His attitude doesn’t seem too negative about the circumstances. But a short while later he reportedly left the stage entirely after about only 20 minutes of stage time. More fans hit Twitter to blast Lil Wayne for leaving the stage after an abbreviated set.

We’re still waiting for official word from the blink and Weezy camps. Hopefully, like the storm in Virigina, those whole business will simply blow over.

Cropped Creative Commons Licensed Photo by Megan Elise Meadows