Death Cab For Cutie Features On The New Chance The Rapper Album

Chance The Rapper surprise-dropped ‘The Big Day’ this afternoon and I was blown away by the familiar voice I heard on track 2.

This song started and immediately I started googling to see if I was correct or crazy.

Not only does “Do You Remember” feature all of Death Cab For Cute, but Justin Vernon produced the track! You may know him better as Bon Iver.

Here’s how the collaboration came together.

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It all started with a, well, chance encounter three years ago backstage at Bonnaroo. Turns out that we andĀ @chancetherapperĀ had a bit of a mutual admiration society going on, and we had a very fun hang in our dressing room, in which he revealed a straight-up impressive familiarity with some pretty deep Death Cab catalog cuts, and during which the possibility of a collaboration was briefly mentioned. . Fast forward to 2019, and we were truly surprised and honored when Chance got back in touch and asked us to be part of a song called "Do You Remember", which appears on his debut record, THE BIG DAY, which is out worldwide as of right now. We couldn't be more thrilled. . Thank you, Chance, and congratulations on your big day! . (photos by @racheldemy)

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