The 1975’s New Song Is Unlike Anything They’ve Released

The 1975 debuted “People” today. The band’s punky, most abrasive track to date is a companion piece to the Greta Thunberg feature on “The 1975” from last month.

New The 1975 is here and it’s DIFFERENT. Take a listen… or watch:

Had I heard this not knowing it was The 1975, I never would have guessed it was them. It’s crunchy and hard-driving with a punk edge. My point of reference is those few Queens Of The Stone Age tracks from back in the day with Nick Oliveri’s gruff, screamy vocals. I’ve also heard comparisons to The Hives, The Strokes, and even classic British punk group Killing Joke. Considering Matty Healy previously admitted to borrowing Joy Division melodies, I bet the Killing Joke similarity is no coincidence.

As I mentioned at the top, “People” is meant as a one-two punch with the Greta Thunberg monologue on “The 1975” released last month. The teen climate activist’s spoken-word piece ends with all call to rebel that our new, louder Matty Healy echoes with screams of “Wake up!” as “People” gets underway. The two tracks will go together on the band’s forthcoming albumĀ Notes On A Conditional Form due out in February.