My Chemical Romance Finally Announce U.S. Tour Dates

My Chem make their much-anticipated U.S. tour reveal in epic fashion.

Today My Chemical Romance used a bizarre, narrative film scored by synthy, Stranger Things-esque music to announce… something.

You’re getting my stream of consciousness observations while watching this thing waiting for the announcement. There’s a dude wandering through a bar populated by spooky people, and then a weird wedding, and then a hospital, and people in strange masks stalking this guy.

Can we get to the point already? It’s been 8 minutes… and counting.

He’s running from the stalkers. He just exited the hospital through a car door into the desert, and a Trans Am is doing donuts cranking “Na Na Na”. Hope you’re enjoying the commentary. I feel really dumb right now. The stalkers are still on his tail. Oh hey a huge explosion knocked over the bad guys. Now we’re in a spooky room with a big circle of candles around a seven-pointed star on the floor, and that dude wakes up in the middle.

Now there’s some haunting piano music as he explores the spooky place. He’s following a candlelit path and there’s a ouiji board on the floor and the glass piece moves to ‘yes’. Ooh the lights just came on! It’s an empty arena! It’s a U.S. tour! Wow that was climactic!

Dates are being displayed one by one. It’s a mix of festivals and one-offs. Late September in Texas. Early October in Denver. Skipping much of the midwest. And no KC dates. Lame.

Featured photo by Michael Spencer from Perth, WA, Australia [CC BY (]