NEW MUSIC: Ozzy Osbourne And Post Malone “It’s A Raid”

All hail Ozzy Osbourne! The Prince Of Darkness won’t make you wait until tonight’s album release to hear his Post Malone collab.

The long-awaited Ordinary Man arrives tonight, but a hearty “Thanks, Ozzy!” for sharing the track early. “It’s A Ruin” marked Posty returning the favor as Ozzy previously helped out on Malone’s track “Take What You Want”. And to be honest, I feel like there’s so much auto-tune and reverb on Ozzy’s voice that it’s actually Post’s verses that stand out as the track’s highlight.

Producer Andrew Watt brought the artists together while working on Post Malone’s 2019 album Hollywood Is Bleeding. Ozzy and Watt worked so well together that Watt ended up producing and playing guitar on Ozzy’s Ordinary Man.