Someone Mashed Up “Raining Blood” With “Rock Lobster” And It’s Pretty Good!

Slayer and The B-52’s work together better than you might think.

YouTube mashup mastermind Bill McClintock is known mostly for taking hard rock and metal classics and putting them in decidedly un-metal environments. He was the dude who gave us that demented “All I Want For Christmas Is The Beautiful People” combo around the holidays. Mariah Carey and Marilyn Manson? Who’da thunk it.

Anyways, now we’ve got the vocals from Slayer’s seminal thrash track “Raining Blood” mixed over The B-52’s quirky classic alt track “Rock Lobster” and the results are strangely intriguing.

Where the mashup really shines is the chorus. “Raining Blood” didn’t really have one in the sense of traditional pop song structure. But McClintock re-purposed the iconic climax of “Raining Blood” into a legitimate hook by alternating Tom Araya’s screamed lyrics with Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson’s angelic backing vocals. For some extra Slayer goodness throughout we hear the occasional Dave Lombardo drum fill, Tom’s “Angel Of Death” scream, and a bit of that classic “Raining Blood” riff as “Rock Lobster” winds through the breakdown towards its conclusion. I dig it!