Marilyn Manson Shares Message From Joe Exotic!

When Joe Exotic ran for Governor of Oklahoma he reached out to Marilyn Manson for an endorsement.

Pivoting from Tiger King to candidate for governor, Joe Exotic scoured his celebrity contacts seeking out any who would lend their names to his bid to be Oklahoma’s top executive. One such asked for an endorsement was Marilyn Manson, who broke his social media silence earlier this week to share the message.

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Nope. Don’t Fuck With Cats.

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Manson captioned his screenshot of the two-year-old message, “Nope. Don’t F**k With Cats.”

Among the 3,000 who commented on the shock rocker’s post was Brittany Furlan, wife of Tommy Lee, who wrote, “Amazing”. On my brief scroll through the comments I also saw lots of blue checks including former Manson bandmate John 5 and up-and-coming rock band Palaye Royale.

And if you managed to make it through the past few weeks without hearing about Joe Exotic, please watch the Tiger King documentary on Netflix. IT. IS. AMAZING.

Featured photo: Marilyn Manson (Andreas Lawen, Fotandi / CC BY-SA) and Joe Exotic (By State of Florida – Public Domain)