Why Did David Bowie Tell Dave Grohl To F— Off?

In his latest Instagram post, Dave Grohl shares his interactions with the late David Bowie.

I’m living for @davestruestories these days. There’s only been four of them. And since the first three, the output has kinda slowed a bit. But Mr. Grohl likes keeping VERY busy so maybe he’s juggling multiple projects in quarantine.

In case you’re just joining us, as quarantine began Dave promised us “true stories that will make people smile” from throughout his life and career. We learned about how he almost blew up a neighborhood the last time he played with fireworks. We heard how a lost wallet kept him from hanging out with Pantera at their strip club. And he recalled how he came to jam on-stage with Prince. (Blogs for all these stories are in Trending fyi)

Now we get Grohl and the Starman. The Thin White Duke. The (your favorite David Bowie persona here). With a bonus look behind-the-scenes of Nirvana’s legendary Unplugged set.