How Your Concert Ticket Refund Can Help Healthcare Workers

Recent tweaks to LiveNation’s refund policies should help put more money back in fans’ pockets.

Concertgoers were livid when LiveNation quietly updated their refund policy last month to exclude postponements. Although concert tickets for postponed shows are still technically valid, allowing promoters and artists to hold that money, that leaves many fans cash-strapped at a time of soaring unemployment due to the economic side effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

A few weeks later, LiveNation altered the policy to make it more fair to fans holding tickets to postponed concerts. For some reason this news is only going viral now. We’ve got some bulletpoints for you below, but you can click here for more details courtesy of entertainment industry news resource Variety.

If your show is cancelled, you can:

  • Get a refund automatically, or…
  • If the show was scheduled at a venue LiveNation owns, you now have an interesting option. Instead of a refund, you could request LiveNation ‘Concert Cash’. LiveNation would credit your account with 150% of the ticket price to future LiveNation shows, and LiveNation will donate your original ticket(s) to HeroNation for use by frontline healthcare workers as a thank you gesture. Those folks deserve a fun night out once fun nights out are a thing again, right?

If your show is postponed without a rescheduled date, you can:

  • request a refund after 60 days have elapsed since the postponement. You’ll then have 30 days to request that refund.

If your show is postponed with a rescheduled date, you can:

  • request a refund within 30 days of the rescheduled date information being announced. This policy remains unchanged.

So this concert promoter will no longer hold onto your money indefinitely. 60 days is still a hell of a long time for cash-strapped fans to wait, but the change is an improvement from the previous policy.

Just yesterday we learned about multiple big summer tour postponements and cancellations affecting Kansas City shows. Deftones announced a postponement. Tours from Nickelback, Incubus with 311, and Breaking Benjamin with Bush canceled entirely. The ‘Hella Mega Tour’ featuring Green Day, Weezer, and Fall Out Boy was also postponed, but that tour lacked a Kansas City date. Cross your fingers that changes for 2021!

Are you holding on to any concert tickets you’re not sure you’ll be able to use? Tell us your story.