This Metallica Halloween Light Show Is Amazing

Christmas lights set to TSO are old news. Watch this display set to Metalica’s “Enter Sandman”!

Tom BetGeorge of Tracy, California has created a Metallica-inspired light show for the halloween decorations at his home. Saying it took more than 80 hours to get everything right, BetGeorge choreographed the display to the Metallica classic “Enter Sandman.”

The decorations also display pumpkins, spiders, and gravestones to add on to the creepy theme.  BetGeorge also leaves displays on during weekends in an effort to help raise money for a local charity. BetGeorge has been creating light shows for years, beginning as just a hobby. Since his work has gone viral, BetGeorge now creates shows for theme parks.

Do you have your Halloween decorations out? What is a scary song perfect for Halloween?