Metallica: “Text Us Your Requests”

Ahead of their Helping Hands acoustic event this weekend, Metallica set up a text line for song requests!

Saturday at 4p CT, Metallica will go live from their headquarters in northern California for their ‘Helping Hands Concert and Auction’. 100% of the proceeds will benefit Metallica’s non-profit All Within My Hands Foundation. Through the foundation, the band supports many causes including relief for natural disasters such as wildfires and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Via their Instagram story earlier this week, Metallica solicited our requests for their Helping Hands setlist! So if you’re planning on watching the event and there’s a ‘Tallica track you’re just dying to hear acoustic, this is your chance!


I understand that audio of the Helping Hands set will be available after the show, and merch is available now. Links to whatever you’re looking for at