Buy A Pearl Jam Chocolate Box For Charity!

Pearl Jam’s collab with Theo Chocolate will benefit their Vitalogy Foundation’s fight against homelessness.

Eddie & co. have the perfect Valentine’s evening planned for you and your sweetie. They’re digging up Home Shows Night 2 from SafeCo Field in Seattle (2018) for purchase via Nugs during the period of February 12-16. They shared Night 1 a few months ago. This 37-song marathon Pearl Jam set will run ya about $15.

And what better way to enjoy an epic Pearl Jam show than with Pearl Jam chocolate caramels!

The box comes with three different flavors: Apple Cider Dark Chocolate Caramel, Coffee Milk Chocolate Caramel, and Salted Vanilla Dark Chocolate Caramel. Another sweet part of this deal — the proceeds will benefit the Vitalogy Foundation’s fight against homelessness. Each box is $24.99. You can order them on Pearl Jam’s official website.

This would be considered a good gift, but what’s the worst Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received?