Maynard James Kennan Of Tool Fought Covid TWICE

“Ugly, ugly. Couldn’t breathe,” said Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan of his second coronavirus struggle.

Keenan first caught coronavirus while Tool was in Australia in early 2020, just prior to travel restrictions being implemented across the globe. He didn’t share his experience with fans until months later, when he divulged lingering health problems and criticized covid deniers.

Keenan said his second battle with covid was even worse. He spent more time in the ER, and is urging people to take health precautions seriously. He shared his experience with Apple Music earlier this week:

“I don’t know if I said anything online, but I had it twice… Ugly, ugly. Couldn’t breathe. I could barely put two words together without going into a coughing fit that, you know? It ended up kind of also progressing into pneumonia. So, if I stayed in the hospital, they said, ‘Okay, we can keep you here, but you’re fighting 12 other people for a bed and a ventilator we don’t have, so what do you want to do?’ I’m like, ‘Well, I need to breathe and I need to sleep.’ So, you’re just treating symptoms at that point. There’s nothing you can do other than treat the symptom, so for a real cough medicine, not the crap over-the-counter and then like an inhaler, and some antibiotics to fight the pneumonia and strap the f— in.”

The singer ended up in the ER and is urging people to take the virus seriously.

Tool fans are a passionate, devoted bunch; people from all walks of life with different views. Logically, there are probably some Tool fans who don’t take the virus seriously. Well, we almost lost Maynard TWICE. Not to mention the 450,000 Americans that lost their lives so far. Please continue wearing masks, keeping up your social distance, and avoiding gatherings in order to protect yourself and others.

FEATURED PHOTO: Travis Shinn/RCA Records