Watch Ozzy Osbourne’s WTF Reaction To “Crazy Train” Rap Sample

Watt filmed Ozzy hearing Trick Daddy’s 2004 banger “Let’s Go” for the first time and sent the footage to Lil Jon.

Producer Andrew Watt probably deserves a great deal of credit for revitalizing Ozzy’s music career. Watt helped spearhead Ozzy’s collaboration with Post Malone on “Take What You Want”, which led directly to Watt producing Ozzy’s 2020 solo albumĀ Ordinary Man.

Now, with Ozzy’sĀ No More Tours 2 trek sidelined for various reasons (a bad fall, Parkinson’s, the pandemic) Ozzy and Watt are working on a follow-up. But the pair got sidetracked for a few minutes last week…

I can only guess the subject of hip hop samples somehow entered the conversation; and Ozzy must not have heard “Let’s Go” by Trick Daddy ft. Twista and Lil Jon before. Well, Watt cranked the speakers, filmed the Ozzman’s reaction, and sent the results to Lil Jon himself. WHAT!

Towards the end of the short clip you can hear Ozzy say, “I’ve never heard this before.”

Since most of us probably pay about as much attention to hip hop as Ozzy does, here’s the whole thing in case you’re curious. “Let’s Go” was a Top 10 single in the U.S. back in the day.