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Indian farmers are using the sun to help water their crops

Hundreds of millions of people in India depend on farming for their livelihoods, but widespread droughts in recent years mean they often struggle to find enough water for their fields. Rain evaporates fast in the country’s punishing summer heat, forcing farmers to rely on expensive and polluting diesel pumps to access groundwater for irrigation. A…MORE

‘Men In Black International’ wins at a sluggish box office

The summer has yet to warm up for Hollywood at the box office. “Men In Black International,” Sony’s latest film in the Men In Black franchise, brought in an estimated $28.5 million opening at the North American box office this weekend. That was enough to give the science fiction flick the top spot, but it…MORE

Why New Balance turned on Trump over China tariffs

American sneaker company New Balance welcomed President Donald Trump’s tough trade stance in 2016 — but now the athletic footwear manufacturer is strongly opposing the President’s latest threat to expand tariffs on China. New Balance boasts that it’s the only major company to make more than four million pairs of athletic shoes a year domestically.…MORE

Why it’s too early to hunker down for a recession

1. Making sense of mixed signals: Trade wars. Inverted yield curves. And talk of a 2020 recession. It’s clearly an uncomfortable time for investors. And yet US stocks have raced back to life after a horrible May. The S&P 500 finished on Friday just 2% shy of its all-time highs. The choppy action points to…MORE

Target registers back online after widespread outage

Target cash registers were back online after a two-hour systems outage on Saturday that left exasperated shoppers venting frustrations online. In a statement, the company said the failure was not the result of a data breach or security-related issue. “The temporary outage earlier today was the result of an internal technology issue that lasted for…MORE