Cassiday is a hometown Kansas City girl who is thrilled to be home. She went to Wichita State for Theatre Performance, and while she still deeply loves the arts, she found a home in radio in 2008 while living in Austin, Texas and has been loving it ever since. Cassiday’s calling card in radio is putting her real life moments on air, no matter how raw, silly, or vulnerable they are. So that means everyone in her family has been on air themselves, or they’ve been talked about at some point. Cassiday even gave birth to her son on air, which was a worldwide news story. Cassiday might have crazy hair colors at times and a few tattoos, but at heart she is a loving Midwest-raised wife and mother who loves animals, working out, cooking, sports, and craft beer.

    Cassiday looks forward to bringing her unique brand of real life to the rock format and creating magic in Kansas City!