Twenty Øne Piløts Finish 3-Song Story With “Levitate”

As we wait for Twenty Øne Piløts’ new album, TRENCH, due out October 5th… and their Sold Out show at Sprint Center on November 21st… TWENTY ONE PILOTS ‘FINISHED’ A 3-NEW SONG/VIDEO STORY Take a trip through the full trilogy: JUMPSUIT NICO AND THE NINERS LEVITATE Oh? You want more? Watch the video for ‘Heathens’ first and…MORE


Pearl Jam Released Their Own Wine But Chances Are You Won’t Get To Try It

Pearl Jam released their own limited edition red wine, a Syrah/Cabernet blend, that sold out in a record 12 minutes according to Food & Wine.The 450-box limited run wine was announced via the band’s newsletter and was snapped up in 12 minutes, long before most fans even heard about it. Each box came with 4…MORE


The CDC Had To Tweet The Most Disturbing Reminder

Stop whatever you are doing and take a moment to really take this information in: The Center for Disease Control had to recently warn the public about the dangers of reusing condoms. That’s right, they had to tweet a warning reminding people that condoms, in order to be effective, cannot be washed and reused. For the…MORE


Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Denies Being Taylor Swift’s Father

The artist known as William Patrick (Billy) Corgan has taken to Instagram to categorically deny that he fathered Taylor Swift. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman made the statement in a long multi-post on Instagram that is perfectly Billy Corgan. Or is it? He at one point he denies that as well, however his explanation does kind…MORE


VIDEO: Distracted Peculiar, MO Police Officer Hits Cyclist

If your computer is broken or you don’t know how to use the internet or something… You may have missed the video that’s kicking around all over the internet of a Peculiar, MO police officer hitting a cyclist while distracted on his cell phone – all caught on the cyclist’s helmet cam. It’s being reported…MORE


Twenty One Pilots’ “Jumpsuit” Is Breaking Records

Twenty One Pilots newly released single “Jumpsuit” was dropped just a mere two weeks ago, but it’s already hit number one on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart. “Jumpsuit’s” two-week rise to number one is the fastest a single has reached the top of Alternative Songs since Green Day’s “Know Your Enemy” back in 2009. This isn’t…MORE

most pit

WATCH: Happiness Really Is Eating A Can Of Beans In A Mosh Pit

Earlier this month Loudwire reported on someone at Warped Tour trying to eat a bowl of cereal during Chelsea Grin’s set. Now during Kublai Kahn’s set at another Warped stop someone decided to eat a can of beans. Surprisingly enough, he did a great job. Check it out below: just a man and his beans…MORE


Ryan Reynolds To Produce R-Rated ‘Home Alone’

We didn’t know we wanted it… but Ryan Reynolds knew we needed it. Imagine Pineapple Express + Home Alone + maybe a dash of Deadpool… Ryan Reynolds set to produce ‘Stoned Alone’, a rated-R re-imagining of Home Alone (Read More) Augustine Frizzell is set to direct and admittedly I’ve never heard of anything she’s done, but every…MORE

Alex Turner

WATCH: Arctic Monkeys Cover The Strokes’ “Is This It?”

Arctic Monkeys covered the Strokes‘ “Is This It?” during their show Tuesday in New York at Forest Hills Stadium. It’s no secret that Alex Turner is a fan of the Strokes, in the first cut from the Arctic Monkeys’ most recent LP, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, Turner sings in “Star Treatment,” “I just wanted to…MORE


WATCH: Fall Out Boy’s New Llama Filled “Bishops Knife Trick” Video

Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump stepped up to direct a band of llamas in the video for Mania’s “Bishops Knife Trick.” Some say it feels a lot like the 2009 “Thnks fr th Mmrs” video and I agree. Check out both videos below and compare for yourself. The band’s seventh album Mania was released in January…MORE


Woman Arrested In Wichita County For Allegedly Mailing Meth To Prison

I know you came fro the mugshot but while we are here… Sara Elizabeth Russell, 29, of Katy, Texas was arrested in Wichita County for allegedly attempting to smuggle meth to an Allred inmate. It all went down with a mailroom employee noticed a bulge behind a photo on a handmade card. Behind the photo was a…MORE

Naked Fitness

Naked Man Working Out At Planet Fitness Said It Was A “Judgement Free Zone”

A Massachusetts man who removed all of his clothes and proceeded to work out naked before working out at a New Hampshire Planet Fitness told responding officers that he thought he was in a “Judgement Free Zone,” before being arrested. The New York Post reports 34-year-old Eric Stagno, has been charged with indecent exposure, lewdness…MORE

pixabay uber

The Newest Uber Scam You Need To Watch For Is “Vomit Fraud”

If you were not aware, if you happen to throw up in an Uber, you’ll get hit with an extra charge of $80 to $150. And, it appears that some dirty drivers are using this info to make a few extra bucks; it’s called “vomit fraud” and it’s the latest scam you need to be…MORE


WATCH & LISTEN // New MUSE “Something Human”

As heard this morning on The Woody Show, MUSE debuts a brand new song, “Something Human” Off of their so-far untitled new album, due out in November! “Life on the road can bring out your inner beast, this song and video is about taming the beast, desiring a return to something human. Plus, Teen Wolf is…MORE

travis barker

Travis Barker Shares Health Update After School Bus Accident

Travis Barker shared an update on his health after a recent car accident involving a school bus and a previous announcement that he was unable to perform with Blink-182 due to blood clots. The drummer and plane crash survivor told US, “I was on the way to my son’s basketball game and a school bus…MORE

matt bellamy

LISTEN: Muse Teases New Music With Acoustic Clip “Something Human”

Matt Bellamy showed us his softer side in an Instagram clip tease of new music called, “Something Human”.  In the video, Bellamy reveals that “Something Human” was the first song he wrote following Muse’s world tour supporting their 2015 album, Drones while strumming an acoustic guitar. Another tease for the song was also in the post-credits…MORE

stranger things

WATCH: There’s A New Teaser For “Stranger Things” Season 3

“Ahoy! Something is coming… to Hawkins, Indiana!” A new teaser for the upcoming third season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” has been released. The trailer is in the form of a new commercial for a new shopping mall in the show’s town of Hawkins, Indiana. In it you’ll see Joe Keery as Steve Harrington, and a…MORE

Billy Corgan_By djdroga Wikimedia

WATCH: Smashing Pumpkins Tour Includes Video From Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath

After lots (and we do mean LOTS) of drama, The Smashing Pumpkins kicked off their Shiny And Oh So Bright Tour this week in Arizona. Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin returned to the stage (sans D’arcy Wretzky) along with video from Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath. Yep, you read that correctly, McGrath filmed several…MORE

Dumbass Report

Dumbass Report: Best Of The Week

Thief Gets Trapped In Escape Room Business And Calls 911 Authorities in Oregon say a thief called 911 after he found himself trapped inside an escape room business. Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputies say they responded to a 911 call around 4 a.m. from a man who broke into NW Escape Experience in Vancouver was…MORE


There Is Scientific Proof The Heat Makes You Dumber

Have you ever used the excuse, “It’s the heat, I’m not thinking clearly!” Well, according to a new study from Harvard, when it’s really hot outside, it literally makes people dumber. Researchers found when there’s a heat wave, students get lower scores on tests than they do when the weather is nice. The Boston Globe…MORE


WATCH: Panic! At The Disco Cover Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So”

Panic! At the Disco delivered a faithful cover of Weezer‘s “Say It Ain’t So” during a live session for SiriusXM Hits 1 and even without the chorus Brendon Urie gave it that something special. P!ATD’s Pray for the Wicked arrived last month and the band just launched a North American tour and will stop here…MORE


Electric Rentable Scooters Taking Over KC

There hasn’t been this much hype about scooters since we were murdering our ankles on Razor Scooters in the front yard. But now, Bird Electric, Motorized, Rentable Scooters are available in a few spots around Kansas City (Read More) You like convenience, but don’t want to put in the effort as those rent-able bikes? You wanna ride…MORE


#TØPISBACK // Twenty One Pilots Return Seems Certain

All signs point to the Twenty One Pilots hiatus being all but finished – and their return is coming sooner rather than later. Though nobody knows when, exactly… the trail of clues is way deeper than I’ve got time to dig into. It all started with an email sent out to the TØP Mailing List on…MORE


Dave Grohl: “I Love Music, And I Love Life”

In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters opened up about the band, Dave’s feelings when Nirvana broke through and after Kurt’s Cobain’s suicide and more. (Read More) And of course, you can catch X1051 Welcomes: Foo Fighters – October 12th at Sprint Center (Tickets On Sale Now)  MORE


Dumbass Report: Special Police Edition

Sergeant Fired For Walking Through Bar With His “Weapon” Exposed Sergeant James White, formally of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, has been fired after Internal Affairs investigated and found he intentionally exposed himself in a bar. According to the Internal Affairs report, the incident happened last August at Leroy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar…MORE

twenty one pilots twentyonepilots Twitter

#TØPISBACK // Are Twenty One Pilots Ready To Return?

There had been cryptic hints buried in websites for months. The rumors ramped up in the past weeks. Now twitter is going crazy for #TØPISBACK Trending now – It was July 6, 2017 when the official TØP twitter account started dropping a series of 7 tweets that ended with: — twenty one pilots (@twentyonepilots) July 7,…MORE


Cops Called To Smashing Pumpkins 1979 House Party

You might remember that X1051 sent one lucky winner, Spencer, from KC to LA to experience the Smashing Pumpkins 1979 House Party, helping to recreate the house party from the iconic 1979 Music Video with a group of select fans from around the country… They must have put on a great show, because despite handing…MORE


Get Ready For Walmart’s 3D Virtual Reality Shopping Experience

Walmart is introducing a new 3D virtual reality experience to bring there shopping experience and all of it’s people, to the comfort of your home. The new feature to the website’s digital shopping experience is something that apparently they’ve been testing for awhile now. The 3D virtual shopping tour will help customers browse and choose…MORE

thom yorke

LISTEN: Radiohead’s “Come To Your Senses” Released In Its Entirety

Radiohead embarked on a tour to test new material in 2006, for what would become “Rainbows”. On June 24th, during soundcheck at the Greek Theatre they played a song that has come to be known as “Come to Your Senses”. It has never been heard or released in full since, becoming folklore and teases on Reddit,…MORE

beavis butthead

WATCH: Beavis And Butthead’s Review Of Portugal. The Man Is Perfection

Portugal. the Man have been opening their shows with a video critique by 90’s icons, Beavis & Butthead. Specifically, they review Portugal’s mega-hit “Feel It Still,” in their classic style until Butthead has a revelation, “This does suck, but this sucks so hard that it sucked a hole through the dimensional wall into awesomeness.” I’m…MORE


Woman Breaks Into Danny Duffy’s House Looking For Fiancé Elon Musk

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. While Kansas City Royals’ pitcher Danny Duffy was with the team in Houston earlier this week, he got an alert that his house had been broken into. Cops came. Found a women. No big deal, because… SHE SAYS SHE WAS JUST LOOKING FOR HER FIANCÈ, ELON MUSK…MORE


Tool And A Perfect Circle’s Maynard James Keenan Accused Of Sexual Assault

Tool and A Perfect Circle’s Maynard James Keenan has just made the list of men accused of sexual assault.  On Friday, an anonymous Twitter account @IWas17HeWas36 was created by someone who gives a detailed recount of allegedly being sexually assaulted by Tool/A Perfect Circle/Puscifer frontman Maynard James Keenan at a Perfect Circle/Nine Inch Nails concert…MORE