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KFC Is Making Tacos Now???

KFC is the latest fast food chain to embrace the awesomeness and versatility of the taco. But it might be a while before you can try them.MORE

blink-182, blink 182, blink, lil wayne

Lil Wayne Not Quitting Blink-182 Tour

After leaving stage early the night before, Lil Wayne took to Twitter today to walk back talk of him leaving his co-headlining tour with blink-182.MORE

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Yeasayer joins The Afentra (Show)

We were joined in the studio on Friday by the band Yeasayer ahead of their show in KC at recordBar! The guys were nice enough to play a couple songs for us! Their 5th album, Erotic Reruns, is out NOW! Learn more about the band HERE.MORE

blink-182, blink 182

Ready For More New Blink-182?

Are we getting another new blink-182 track on Friday? Between their Instagram and recent comments from bandmembers, signs point to yes!MORE